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When facing the complex and emotionally charged process of divorce, it is important to have an attorney whose practice is devoted to marital and family law who cares as much as you do about the outcome of your case.Joseph Wahl is a recognized and experienced practitioner of family law throughout New Castle County, Delaware. Joe dedicates his entire practice to divorce and related issues, with a strong focus on complex child custody matters. Joe represents clients in a broad range of matters involving divorce, division of real estate and marital assets, alimony, child custody, mediation, settlement, prenuptial agreements, post-marital agreements and litigation.Because of the increasing complexity of family law cases — as well as the fast-paced changes in the law — such matters should be handled by a Delaware attorney with proficiency in this area by having handled a sufficient number of cases with varying degrees of complexity. Joe has been practicing exclusively in the field of divorce and family law in Delaware since 1995.He understands how to be aggressive when circumstances demand it, but he also knows that divorce issues are often best settled through reasoned negotiation. His goal is to find beneficial solutions that meet the needs of everyone involved, while allowing the parties to save future time and money by anticipating the changing needs of the family.Joe is frequently able to assist clients in avoiding the uncertainty and expense of a courtroom battle by negotiating favorable out-of-court solutions. However, if the other side is unwilling to agree to a fair settlement, Joe is always prepared to defend his clients’ best interests at trial. Protect your future, your family and your property.


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Attorney Joe Wahl has over 25 years of experience in Delaware, vigorously protecting his clients’ rights while providing guidance and insight in a supportive environment. Joe prides himself on being accessible to his clients and communicating with them on a regular and timely basis. Clearly, there are few times in an individual’s life as stressful as the termination of the marital relationship or a child custody battle.

Joe’s availability underscores his attentiveness to his client’s needs, which is of primary importance in family law cases. His clients include Delaware business owners, doctors, lawyers, dentists and other professionals.