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Protection From Abuse in Delaware (PFA)

If you have been abused, or accused of abuse, in Delaware, it is significant that you hire an experienced Delaware Domestic Violence attorney to represent you. Joseph Wahl is well versed in how to aggressively prosecute and defend domestic violence (PFA) cases in the Delaware Family Court. He is a strong defender of his clients’ constitutional rights and will do everything in his power to protect and defend them. He will organize and prepare every aspect of your Protection From Abuse case up to and including trial.

Domestic violence is the abusive, forceful, threatening, or coercive behavior, act, or word against a member of a household by another member of the same household.

Defending a Delaware PFA

In Delaware a petition for protection from abuse (PFA) is not always used as it is intended by the law. Unfortunately, men are sometimes treated unfairly when false accusations of domestic violence are leveled against them. Many stereotypes and gender biases exist that are systemic. By filing for an Order of Protection from Abuse in Delaware, you can have your spouse removed from your home and barred from contacting you, however, accusations of domestic violence can also be misused by a spouse who wants to get the upper hand in a divorce case. Abuse allegations unquestionably work very effectively in removing spouses from their homes and families. However, society can pay a price by removing children from their parents.

Temporary custody and child support can be the result of a temporary PFA Delaware Protection From Abuse Order (PFA). If you have been accused of domestic violence in Delaware, it is important to seek legal advice as soon as possible.

Delaware Stay Away Orders

If someone fears for their safety Delaware law allows for a restraining order for Protection from Abuse (PFA) to be issued by a judge. In the state of Delaware this order is called a Protection From Abuse order, or PFA. In Delaware, as in other states, there are two types of Protective Orders:

a. Emergency Protective Orders
b. Permanent Protective Orders

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If you have been experiencing any sort of domestic violence issues in Delaware, or are accused of the having committed acts of abuse, please contact the law office of Joseph Wahl at 302-658-2834.

More About Domestic Violence in Delaware.

In Delaware domestic violence can be charged against family members, boyfriends and girlfriends, and even roommates. Individuals need not be married to be charged with domestic violence, even though the most commonly recognized domestic violence charges seen in New Castle County Family Court are against married individuals. Domestic violence can be characterized as physical assault of another individual, and/or the sexual abuse of another individual.

While domestic violence is also often associated with physical harm against a second party of the same household, in Delaware Courts it also involves verbal abuse. Verbal abuse has been defined by the Delaware Courts as threats made against the second party, put-downs that may cause emotional trauma, and yelling at, or screaming at the second party. Intimidation and controlling behavior also constitutes as domestic abuse, especially if the individual feels too fearful to engage in typical life activities due to threat of harm. For example, not contacting friends or family under orders of the first party, not being allowed to get or keep a job, not being able to maintain friendships. It should be noted, however, that psychological and financial abuse are not criminal behaviors in themselves, but can lead to criminal behaviors such as violence. Furthermore, associated crimes may be levied for criminal threats or stalking.

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