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Delaware Child Custody Lawyer

Delaware child custody matters may be some of the most fiercely contested issues in a divorce proceeding. While both parents clearly want what is best for the children, their interpretations of what is best are often at opposite ends of the spectrum. Be sure that you have a dedicated Delaware  child custody attorney who will fight to protect your interests and the interests of your children.

At Wahl Family Law, child custody cases in New Castle County Delaware are a primary focus of the practice. Joseph Wahl has a strong track record handling contested and complex child custody battles in Delaware, including child relocation, visitation rights for family members other than the parents, the impact of custody on child support orders and many others.

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What to Look for in a Delaware Child Custody Lawyer

Regardless of the person you choose to handle your Delaware child custody matter, there are a few key traits that every quality attorney should have:

  • Experience in family law and child custody: Joe Wahl offers his clients over 20 years of experience in New Castle, Delaware divorce and child custody matters are at the center of his practice.
  • Experience representing mothers, fathers and other family members: It was long thought that mothers were the best caregivers. Though Delaware law has come a long way on this issue, fathers and other family members continue to face significant challenges. Joe is committed to the rights of all parties who have an interest in a relationship with the child after the divorce, including fathers.
  • Putting the children first: Under the law, any Delaware custody agreement must serve the children’s interests first. Joe fully supports this concept and makes the children’s welfare his focus in every case.
  • Open and honest approach: No matter what the situation may be, Joe approaches all issues openly. If there is some issue in your past that could impact your access to the child, he will deal with it head-on. He won’t try to hide from it or deny it. Eventually, everything will come out, and trying to hide it will only hurt you in the end.
  • Experience with paternity cases: Parents who were never married have the same rights as those who were. Once paternity has been established, Joe will do everything in his power to see that you receive the full benefits of your rights as a parent.
  • Father’s Rights: The Delaware Courts have explicitly recognized that recent studies document the importance of children having access and frequent contact with both parents. Unfortunately, in New Castle County, Delaware many fathers either don’t have custody of their children or they have a joint custody arrangement but don’t get to see their child(ren) as frequently as they should. Those fathers in New Castle County, Delaware who have visitation rights often are concerned about the lack of time they have with their kids. Fathers are in good hands with Wahl Family Law.

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Your relationship with your child is at stake in these cases, and it is critical that you have the strongest possible representation on your side. Contact my office today to discuss your child custody questions in more detail. You can schedule a consultation by calling Wahl Family Law at 302-658-2834. The initial consultation fee is $500.00

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