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Delaware Unemployed/Underemployed Spouse Lawyer

Divorce and family law issues can be stressful and emotionally challenging for spouses who are not income earners or who are unemployed. It is important to understand how Delaware law handles such issues.

Unemployment and underemployment are handled differently by the courts. Factually speaking, during a Delaware divorce, if one party says he or she engaged in a certain type of employment for a certain period but no longer does, the court will not look on this favorably; in all likelihood the court will state that the (underemployed) party had the opportunity for employment, which the other party may use to offset alimony or to make a counter argument in his or her financial favor.

Strictly speaking, the Delaware Family Court presumptively believes that everyone can support themselves starting with minimum wage considerations. That said, if a party states that his or her spouse could have earned more, he or she must conclusively demonstrate this.

In terms of financially disadvantaged spouses, the court will look at assets in the marriage as well as one spouses’s income. When determining asset division and support, the court will look at the sacrifices the financially disadvantaged party made to support the income earner. Depending on education, skills, qualifications and duration of marriage, the court will make a determination in the financial interests of all parties.

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Underemployed Spouses Lawyer in Delaware

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