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Delaware Dividing IRA’s, 401(k)’s, Pensions Lawyer

Retirement assets are fundamentally different from other types of assets such as bank accounts for a number of reasons. For one thing, their actual value may seem abstract and far-off in relevance to young or middle-aged couples going through divorce. Their unique nature is such that they cannot easily be weighed in the balance, dollar for dollar, along with more currently concrete assets such as a house, a car or an ongoing business.

Dividing retirement assets is not as simple as proposing a solution such as, “You take the house and I’ll take the pension,” in part because of taxation issues. If you keep the pension or 401(k) in a divorce, you are also assuming full tax liability, and many spouses soon realize that this may not be the best solution in your situation.

At the Wahl Family Law we apply our years of experience in family law representation to the challenge of helping clients approaching divorce resolve issues such as these. We can help advise you on matters such as:

  • Court orders pertaining to retirement accounts in divorce
  • QDROs
  • IRA rollovers
  • 401(k)
  • Pensions and divorce

We make every effort to educate our clients at the same time that we advocate on their behalf – all the while striving to contain legal costs.

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Contact our office in Wilmington, Delaware for complex property division matters such as how to divide a pension or an IRA in a divorce. Delaware divorce lawyer Joseph Wahl can give you an honest assessment of equitable distribution, including retirement funds such as pensions and divorce resolutions that account for hard-to-divide assets. You can reach us by phone at 302-658-2834. The initial consultation fee is $600.00

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