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Delaware Complex Property Division Lawyer

When Stakes Are High ▪ High-Asset Divorce Lawyer

Divorces that involve complex property division have the potential to be high conflict and high profile. Divorces of this nature must be handled carefully and knowledgeably. Ill-informed decisions can cause you and your family financial difficulties for years to come.  At the very time that you need to make sound decisions, you are probably feeling overwhelmed by the legal process. Joseph Wahl at Wahl Family Law will stand by your side and seek the best solutions for your property division issues.

Joe’s role is to gain a comprehensive picture of your financial situation and your goals, interests and concerns. He will analyze your situation and then give you a good understanding of your legal options and the short-term and long-term consequences of any decision.

In legal practice in Delaware since 1995, he brings decades of experience in the area of in complex property division.  When necessary, he will hire outside experts such as forensic accountants to provide property and business valuation and cash-flow analysis.

Once you choose a course of action, he will use our extensive knowledge of Delaware  family law to strongly advocate on your behalf. He seeks to negotiate an accurate and fair settlement that works for you and allows you to achieve your goals and get a stable new start.   But rest assured, he can fiercely advocate for you at trial if that is necessary.

Joe will stay focused on your needs, help you understand your options every step of the way, and stand by your side throughout the duration of your divorce and beyond.

To speak with attorney Joseph Wahl, please call 302-658-2834.  The initial consultation fee is $600.00

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