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Jennifer Smetters on CNN Headline News Segment 1 Legal Expert Divorce Attorney Family Law
55 sec – Feb 25, 2010 – Uploaded by stowefamilylaw
“Marilyn Stowe has built the successful practice and wins excellent results for clients”
–Chambers Leading Lawyers 2010. In …
10 min – Sep 9, 2010 – Uploaded by RMGoldbergHouTx
Rick Goldberg of the Litigation News Network interviewing up close and personal Lindsey Short Jr., founding partner of Short
2 min – Dec 8, 2010 – Uploaded by LowensteinBrown
San Diego divorce attorneys discuss the changes to Family Law taking place in 2011. The discussion will focus on the recent
10 min – Jul 3, 2009 – Uploaded by smetterslaw
Jennifer Smetters on CNN Headline News as Legal Expert Divorce Attorney Family Law Segment 2
5 min – May 5, 2011 The economy and Divorce abc news online abcnews abcnews online business news divorce rate economic recovery family
2min – Feb 6, 2009
What Is the Definition of Family Law?. Part of the series: Wills & Family Law. Family law is defined as dealing with divorces