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Delaware Fathers’ Rights Lawyer

Will a mother or father be a better parent? Decades ago, the presumption was that the mother was better suited to meet the needs of children and as a result, many child custody cases ended with the mother being awarded primary child custody. However, as times have changed, so too have the laws in Delaware.  Delaware custody law does not have a presumption of who would be a better fit as a parent. Rather, Delaware Family Court  believes in a shared parenting model where both parents partake in decision-making and spend time with the child.

However, when a child is born to unwed parents and those parents decide to part ways, the father must take legal action in order to obtain and enforce his rights as a parent.  Delaware father’s rights lawyer Joseph Wahl, Esquire helps clients in legal proceedings related to paternity, parental responsibility and time sharing (also called child custody and visitation), child support and fathers’ rights.

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